My work gives shape to the acknowledgment and acceptance of our tendency as human beings towards a constant movement, searching for interaction but also for identity, going through changes and transitions. As a consequence, I question any limit or boundary we create that obstructs our evolution in this journey towards the truth, our individual truth, or ultimate freedom.

From the basis of my belief in the power of the creative process of visual arts towards freedom of expression, transformation and awareness of a bigger spectrum, and ultimately to our growth as individuals, as an artist I’m involved in a wide range of art programs and community projects having a positive impact on my career and my life, and on those with whom I collaborate.
The exhibition was extremely well received. There were as many as 150 people in attendance. Also in attendance were 4 officials from the Canadian embassy and they were very impressed. Linda MacRae, Westdale Gallery. Canadian Artists in Bogota, Colombia
The mural is complete and everyone can’t stop talking about it. On behalf of Gledhill, we thank you, Lydia and Arts for Children of Toronto for the privilege of making our community shine artistically. We will be appreciating the panels for many years to come. It has brought our community closer together and we had a blast! Lisa Denovan, Teacher