My work gives shape to the acknowledgment and acceptance of our tendency as human beings towards a constant movement, searching for interaction but also for identity, going through changes and transitions. As a consequence, I question any limit or boundary we create that obstructs our evolution in this journey towards the truth, our individual truth, or ultimate freedom.

From the basis of my belief in the power of the creative process of visual arts towards freedom of expression, transformation and awareness of a bigger spectrum, and ultimately to our growth as individuals, as an artist I’m involved in a wide range of art programs and community projects having a positive impact on my career and my life, and on those with whom I collaborate.
I caught your group show in the Living Arts Centre and had to tell you how impressed I was by your recent work. All the qualities I've always liked about your paintings, richness, design and intelligence are there, but you seem to have added an even greater sense of structure and mood. The flat areas also have a wonderful luminosity. Really superb pictures. Rick Taylor, Fine artist, Educator
Your show is stupendous! I love the work and am so proud that this quality of work is coming out of our school. You are a REMARKABLE teacher. I can't believe what you're drawing out of your students Lola Rasminsky, Founder Director
Avenue Road Arts School