My work gives shape to the acknowledgment and acceptance of our tendency as human beings towards a constant movement, searching for interaction but also for identity, going through changes and transitions. As a consequence, I question any limit or boundary we create that obstructs our evolution in this journey towards the truth, our individual truth, or ultimate freedom.

From the basis of my belief in the power of the creative process of visual arts towards freedom of expression, transformation and awareness of a bigger spectrum, and ultimately to our growth as individuals, as an artist I’m involved in a wide range of art programs and community projects having a positive impact on my career and my life, and on those with whom I collaborate.
I’m a volunteer here at LAC. The show was just visited by a group of “special needs” children and their caregivers. Most had never seen an art exhibit before and were reluctant to come in. They left happy, having discovered a new and beautiful part of our world Bev Thompson, Open Art Exhibit, LAC
Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciated your class. Not only did I learn a huge amount but I felt a very definite change in myself. You have given me the confidence to follow my “creative” notions and I really appreciate your guidance Sue White. Abstract Painting
Thank you so much for two wonderful sessions of abstract painting. I feel like I learned more about art from you than I have from any other teacher. Your instruction has truly opened my mind! Emily Meehan