Workshops for Schools

Who you are:

You are inspiring leaders in the schools who understand the importance of Art in the development of the students. You are interested in providing them with the tools to excel in their learning as future agents of change. You recognize the value of collaboration of creative minds for a successful outcome.

How I can contribute:

Working in a number of creative fields as an architect, professional artist and educator has given me the opportunity to learn skills necessary to develop flexibility in thinking. My goal is to lead a hands-on art-based project bringing fun, excitement and inspiration to your team, showing that creative skills can be transferable to any field.

The entire session will be experiential, from breaking into a “blank canvas” with the first brushstroke, to mixing colours to discover the visual impact in their interaction.

The act of painting is a fascinating process. It transports you to a world of innovation by looking for creative strategies, shifting from linear thinking to a more integrated left brain/right brain thought process. The development of a conceptual idea to its execution through different steps of critical thinking and observation is key to the end result of your team’s journey.

The Project:

Based on a proposed theme and the interests of your group, projects will vary from painting to working on collage and mixed media. Members will divide into teams, either working on a shared or separate assignment depending on the objective of the workshop based on the curriculum. Each group will experience their own unique process and subsequent end result.


The process will involve spontaneous brainstorming, setting out goals, analyzing creative strategies, observation and visualization, searching for innovative contributions by considering the art assignment from different perspectives, letting go of preconceptions and building on the ideas of others. Some of the tools that I will introduce to you for this session and beyond will include gaining an appreciation for the power of colour, paint application, use of symbols, design and composition.


  1. Introduction to the project; general explanation of the theme, objectives and tasks involved
  2. Preliminary group discussion about the steps; visual demonstration
  3. Individual group brainstorming in how to tackle the task
  4. Group discussion of the process, experience and artworks

How you will benefit:

  • Stimulate creativity and imagination when approaching problem resolution
  • Discover inspiration and innovative thoughts from within
  • Apply new creative skills transferable to daily business operations
  • Implement new ways of approaching a task (break it down, focus on its parts and zoom back out to rediscover a new whole)
  • Boost confidence to deal with the unexpected
  • Enhance flexibility of thinking and observational skills to find new connections
  • Promote open communication among teammates
  • Strengthen team performance by building on ideas of others
  • Infuse energy to the group

I will share with your team my expertise and enthusiasm.

The workshop can be held at the school or at my studio located at The Distillery District.

To receive more information about the workshop, discuss your team goals and possible projects, location, dates, and quote, please email.

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Colour Theory Workshop for St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary Students at the Studio

Mina Iocco, art teacher at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary school, brought to the studio some of her S.O.F.A. students to receive a hands-on workshop in Colour Theory to complement their studies for their certification. We reviewed the seven main Contrasts of Colour described in the book of Johannes Itten helping the students to get a better understanding in coordinating colours for different projects.

Professional Development Workshop at King’s Masting Public School

Three schools got together to have a creative Professional Development Day: King’s Masting PS, Sawmill Valley PS and Pheasant Run PS. Teachers from different grade levels representing each school met at King’s Masting, site where the workshop was delivered.

Working in grade level teams and based on a specific subject matter based on the curriculum requirements, teachers were given access to the theory and tools needed to create a “masterpiece”. Throughout the session each team exercised a great level of interaction, and co-operation exchanging ideas and information while having lots of fun!